CHARACTER FIRST,Interview with Stephen R. Covey

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CHARACTER FIRST,Interview with Stephen R. Covey

Even the very best structure, system, style, and skills can’t compensate completely for deficiencies in character. Why do you emphasize the importance of character in the lives of leaders?

 Because I believe that character (what a person is) is ultimately more important than competence (what a person can do). Obviously both are important, but character is foundational. All else builds on this cornerstone. Also, I believe that courage and consideration are the key building blocks of emotional maturity, and that emotional maturity is foundational to all decisions and all relationships. It relates to all the great management themes of the past. That’s why I place my Seven Habits along a maturity continuum to suggest that the aim of all these habits is to help us achieve character and competence, courage and consideration. We can then be highly effective with tasks and with people.



CHARACTER FIRST,Interview with Stephen R. Covey
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