Devotions to St. Joseph

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God chose Joseph to be the husband of the Virgin Mary and is considered as the second greatest saint, next to her.  He took an active part in the divine plan of Redemption, being an example of humility, and faith.  Scripture also tells us that he was just, pure, gentle, prudent, and unfailingly obedient to the divine will.  Joseph worked as an artisan carrying out his work for the glory of God—sanctifying his profession. He died in the presence of Jesus and Mary.  We wish to imitate him by renewing our desire to be faithful. We know that the only meaning of our life is to be faithful to the Lord till the last day as was Joseph.  Pope Pius IX named him Patron of the Universal Church and Pope John XXIII included his name in the Roman Canon.
            “What must Joseph have been, how grace must have worked through him, that he should be able to fulfill this task of the human upbringing of the Son of God.
            “For Jesus must have resembled Joseph:  in his way of working, in the features of his character, in his way of speaking.  Jesus’ realism, his eye for detail, the way he sat at table and broke bread, his preference for using everyday situations to give doctrine—all this reflects his childhood and the influence of Joseph.
            “It’s not possible to ignore this sublime mystery: Jesus who is man, who speaks with the accent of a particular district of Israel, who resembles a carpenter called Joseph, is the Son of God.”1

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Devotions to St. Joseph
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