fifteen minutes with the blessed sacrament

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fifteen  minutes with the blessed sacrament

As a suggestion for having a personal conversation with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament we include this well known devotion. Jesus is the one asking us to trust him and to open our heart with all the concerns, burdens and desires that we have.
My child, you need not know much in order to please Me; only love Me dearly. Speak to Me as you would talk to your best friend: 
• Have you no one to recommend to Me?  Tell Me the names of your relatives, of your friends; after each name add what you wish Me to do for them.  Ask a great deal:  I love generous hearts that forget themselves for others.
• Tell Me about the poor whom you want to help, the sick whom you have seen suffer, the sinner whom you would like to convert, the people who are alienated from you, and whose affections you wish to win back.  For all recite a fervent prayer.  Remind Me that I have promised to grant every prayer that comes from the heart; and surely the prayers are heartfelt which we say for those whom we love, and who love us.

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fifteen minutes with the blessed sacrament
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