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.PP 1
1 There are many Christians who are persuaded that the Redemption
will be completed in all environments of the world, and that
there have to be some souls – they do not know which ones –
who will contribute to carrying it out with Christ. But they
see this in terms of centuries, many centuries. It would be
an eternity, if it were to take place at the rate of their self-giving.
     That was the way you thought, until they came to “wake you
.PP 2
2 Self-giving is the first step along the road of sacrifice,
joy, love, union with God. And thus, a whole life is filled
with a holy madness which makes us encounter happiness where
human logic would only see denial, suffering, pain.
.PP 3
3 “Pray”, you said, “that I may be generous, that I may
progress, and be able to change in such a way that one day I
may be useful in something.”
     Good. But what means are you using so that these resolutions
can be effective?
.PP 4
4 You often ask yourself why souls who have had the great
fortune of knowing the true Jesus ever since their childhood,
hesitate so much in responding with the best they have: their
life, their family, their ideals.
     Look: you are bound to show yourself very grateful to the
Lord, precisely because you have received it “all” in one go.
Just as it would strike a blind man if he suddenly recovered
his sight, while it does not even occur to others to give thanks
because they see.
     But that is not enough. You have to help those around you,
daily, to behave with gratitude for their being sons of God.
If you don’t, don’t tell me you are grateful.
.PP 5
5 Meditate upon this slowly: I am asked for very little compared


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