Holy Rosary

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Holy Rosary

These lines are not written for little women. They are written for full-grown men, and very… manly men who, at times, no doubt, have raised their hearts to God, crying out to Him with the Psalmist: Notam fac mihi viam, in qua ambulem; quia ad te levavi animam meam. Make the way known to me, wherein I should walk; for I have lifted up my soul to thee (Ps 142:8).
I must tell these men a secret that may very well be the beginning of the way that Christ wants them to follow.
My friend, if you want to be great, become little.
To be little you have to believe as children believe, to love as children love, to abandon yourself  as children do…, to pray as children pray.
You have to do all these if you are  to achieve what I am going to tell you in these lines:
The beginning of the way, at the end of which you will find yourself completely carried away with love for Jesus, is a trusting love for Mary.
Do you want to love our Lady? Well, then, get to know her. How? By praying her Rosary well.
But, in the Rosary… we always say the same things! Always the same?
And don’t people in love always say the same things to each other?… Might it not be that you find the Rosary monotonous because, instead of pronouncing words like a man, you mumble noises while your mind is very far from God? Moreover, listen: before each decade we are told the mystery to be contemplated. Have you… ever contemplated these mysteries?
Become little. Come with me and — this is the essence of what I have to tell you — we will live the life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Each day we will do something new for them. We will hear their family conversation. We will see the Messiah grow up. We’ll admire his thirty years of hidden life… We’ll be present at his Passion and Death… We will be amazed by the glory of his Resurrection… In a word: carried away by Love (the only real love is Love), we will contemplate each and every instant of Jesus Christ’s life.


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Holy Rosary
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