Latin for beginners, Benjamin D´Ooge

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Latin for beginners, Benjamin D´Ooge

Ginn and Company Boston · New York · Chicago · London
Copyright, 1909, 1911 by Benjamin L. D’Ooge Entered at Stationers’ Hall All Rights Reserved 013.4

The Athenæum Press Ginn and Company · Proprietors · Boston · U.S.A.
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To make the course preparatory to Cæsar at the same time systematic, thorough, clear, and interesting is the purpose of this series of lessons.
The first pages are devoted to a brief discussion of the Latin language, its history, and its educational value. The body of the book, consisting of seventy-nine lessons, is divided into three parts.
Part I is devoted to pronunciation, quantity, accent, and kindred
introductory essentials.
Part II carries the work through the first sixty lessons, and is devoted

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Latin for beginners, Benjamin D´Ooge
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