Mary: Holy Mother, Scott Hahn

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 Mary: Holy Mother, Scott Hahn 

The following is the transcripts of Scott Hahn’s audio and videotape presentation, “Mary: Holy Mother” as it appears in the “CatholicAdult Education on Video Program” with Scott and Kimberly Hahn. Othertranscripts are available for download as well. For more informationon this program, download (OVERVIEW.TXT) from the St. JosephCommunications file library. This program is also available forpurchase either as a whole (20 Video tapes with study guides) orindividual programs (1 Video tape with accompanying study guide) fromthe St. Joseph Communications Marketplace. Other tapes and books areavailable as well.
[This transcript is incomplete. The conclusion is missing.]
Program 16 Transcripts
There is probably nothing more disturbing to Protestants than theprofound devotion which Catholics have for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Inthis program Scott begins to explain the Marian doctrines by turningto the Bible. He spends a considerable amount of time looking at theBook of Genesis and the Prophet Isaiah to show how the role of Mary insalvation history was foreshadowed in the Old Testament. He then takesthese Old Testament insights and shows how the writers of the NewTestament see in Mary the Mother of Christ – the new Eve and the newMother of humanity.
A Closer Look at Christ’s Church: Answering Common Objections
As you probably know, this is our third installment in a series offive sessions that we are spending together discussing how to answercommon objections, questions regarding key tenets that are distinctiveto the Catholic Church. We have focused upon the Pope and yesterday welooked at purgatory. This morning we want to focus on Mary and theMarian doctrines and devotions of the Catholic Church to see where inscripture do we see, not necessarily logical demonstrations that arebrought forth from proof texts that kind of force the mind against thewill to give in and to acquiesce in these beliefs, but where do wefind in scripture the reflections and the illustrations and theassumptions and the conclusions that the Catholic Church affirms withregard to the Blessed Virgin Mary?
We are also going to be able to touch lightly and briefly uponsome historical data, but our focus this morning will be primarilyscriptural. Now non-Catholics also are concerned with historicalevidences for Marian doctrines and devotions. But I would say the vastmajority of non-Catholic questions and objections stem from scriptureand the seeming silence from the holy writ. So that’s what we aregoing to be focusing our attention, our energy and our time upon thismorning.
Before I go on, I want to make the same admission that I do atevery point and that is, we don’t have time to cover everything. Wedon’t have time to cover even half of what we need to cover. I’ll domy best and you know how fast I can get going and you know how long Ican go. I have to candidly concede the fact that you need to bereading scripture. You need to be asking our Lord for extra time tostudy, to ponder and to pray. Let me recommend some books to you, somesecondary sources.
One of my favorites is by one of the top biblical scholars inFrance, Andre Foulier. It’s entitled Jesus and His Mother, the Role ofthe Virgin Mary in Salvation History and the Place of Women in theChurch. This, I believe, is a masterpiece, and it’s published by St.Bede, and it’s only about two or three years old. The other book Iwant to recommend, and I am not sure is in print. In fact, I suspectit might be out of print, but you can find it in libraries, and I havefound it in used book stores because that’s my favorite hauntingplace, to travel to used book stores. But this is by Max Durien who isa reformed brother in the Taesec community over in Europe. It’sentitled, Mary, Mother of All Christians.

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Mary: Holy Mother, Scott Hahn
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