PAY THE FULL PRICE, Stephen R. Covey

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PAY THE FULL PRICE, Stephen R. CoveyThe principle of “paying the uttermost farthing” is to apologize when you make a mistake or fail to meet expectations and then to behave better.  An executive once told me: “My biggest worry and concern is my poor relationship with my most creative people at work and with my teenage son at home. In the past, I have lost my temper and yelled at them. How can I improve these relationships and change the image they have of me?”  There is no greater heartbreak for leaders than to feel they are losing or have lost influence with people they most want and need to lead. Fortunately, no situation is hopeless. There are several powerful ways to heal a broken relationship, to restore the emotional bank account, and to have positive influence again.



PAY THE FULL PRICE, Stephen R. Covey
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