TAPROOT OF TRUST, Stephen R. Covey

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TAPROOT OF TRUST, Stephen R. Covey


Efforts to empower employees and to align systems will be forever frustrated in cultures of low or no trust. I have long advocated a natural, gradual, day-by-day, step-by-step, sequential approach to personal and organizational development. My feeling is that any product or program, whether it deals with losing weight or mastering skills, that promises “quick, free, instant, and easy” results is probably not based on correct principles. And yet virtually all advertising uses one or more of these words to entice us to buy. Small wonder many of us are addicted to “quick fix” approaches.  In this article, I suggest that real character and skill development are irrevocably related to natural laws and governing principles; when we observe these, we gain the strength to break with the past, to overcome old habits, to change our paradigms, and to achieve primary greatness and interpersonal effectiveness.


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