The faith explained, Leo Trese

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The faith explained, Leo Trese


1. The Purpose of Man’s Existence
Why Am I Here?
What Must 1 Do?
Who Will Tell Me?
2. God and His Perfections
Who Is God?
3. The Unity and Trinity of God
How Are There Three?
4. Creation and the Angels
How Did Creation Begin?
Is the Devil Real?
5. The Creation and the Fall of Man
What Is Man?
How Did God Make Us?
What Is Original Sin?
After Adam, What?
6. Actual Sin
Can My Soul Die?
What Are The Roots Of Sin?
7. The Incarnation
Who Is Mary?
Who Is Jesus Christ?
8. The Redemption
How Does It End?

The Faith Explained by Leo Trese.pdb

The faith explained, Leo Trese
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