The Lamb’s Supper, Scott Hahn

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The Lamb’s Supper, Scott Hahn

The following is the transcripts of Scott Hahn’s audio and videotape presentation, “The Lambs Supper” as it appears in the “CatholicAdult Education on Video Program” with Scott and Kimberly Hahn.Other transcripts are available for download as well. For moreinformation on this program, download (OVERVIEW.TXT) from theSt. Joseph Communications file library. This program is also availablefor purchase either as a whole (20 Video tapes with study guides) orindividual programs (1 Video tape with accompanying study guide) fromthe St. Joseph Communications Marketplace. Other tapes and books areavailable as well.
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Program 26 Transcripts.
This program is designed to explain the Catholic Mass as a Biblicalprayer that unites heaven and earth, angels and men, all of creation inan eternal hymn of praise to God. Scott explains how the once and forall sacrifice is fulfilled by Christ in the Last Supper and on theCross. He shows how Christ is not re-sacrificed but, re-presented onour altars. He also provides key insights to help us see the Mass, notas a dead ritual, but as the earthly liturgy reflecting the heavenlyliturgy, which comes to culmination in the marriage feast of the Lambas described by St. John in the book of Revelation.
The Lamb’s Supper: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Let’s begin. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of theHoly Spirit. Amen. If you have a Bible, turn with me to 1stCorinthians, chapter 10, where we are going to look for our keynote.Our point of departure is taken from the inspired words of St. Paul,addressed to the Corinthian believers concerning the Eucharist and whatthe Holy Eucharist does for us, does in us, does through us and does tous in making us the Body of Christ.
Beginning of verse 15, “I speak as to sensible men. Judge foryourselves what I say. The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not acommunion (participation, cononea) in the blood of Christ. The breadwhich we break, is it not a participation, (a communion, a cononea) inthe Body of Christ? Because there is one bread, we who are many are onebody for we all partake of the one bread.”
This is the Catholic faith in its core: Jesus Christ dying,rising, ruling for us to reproduce in us his own life, death andresurrection in glory. And that’s what we want to focus on thismorning.
Why did Jesus come and what did Jesus do and how does his deathaffect our salvation? These are the questions that have been on my mindand heart for almost two decades since I first heard the gospel in alife-transforming way, in a context that was altogether non-Catholic. Iheard it in a non-denominational para-church organization, and Iresponded by the grace of God to the call of Christ, that he died forme. He died for my sin, and he lives for me, and he calls me to givemyself to him as he gave himself to me.
But what does that mean and how did it happen? That’s somethingthat we can really reflect upon. That’s something that we can ponderand contemplate together. Just last month I got a phone call from adear old lady whose son is in the seminary and he’s very nervous, Iguess especially at the end of the semester. It was his first semesterand he handed in a paper to a very brilliant professor, and he wasscared because of how knowledgeable that instructor was. His topic wason “Christ’s Redeeming Sacrifice, His Atoning Death Upon the Cross.”Apparently near the end of the paper, this student committed atypographical error.

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The Lamb’s Supper, Scott Hahn
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